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Thursday, June 13, 2019
From the SMA’s Leader Book

Soldiers are ? members of a profession of arms which has existed virtually unchanged for thousands of years?far longer than most other human institutions have existed. The Army has done so because of its unique character?a uniqueness based primarily upon intangibles that cannot be ?costed.?

?SMA William A. Connelly, USA Ret.

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Do You Know..

… the birthday of the U.S. Army?

The U.S. Army was founded on 14 June 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of expert riflemen to serve the United Colonies for one year. For more on the history of the U.S. Army birthday, click here.

Today’s Number Is 16

The 16th Sergeant Major of the Army, CSM Michael A. Grinston

The senior enlisted leader for the U.S. Army Forces Command has been selected to be the next sergeant major of the Army. CSM Michael A. Grinston will succeed SMA Daniel A. Dailey, who is retiring after more than four years as the Army?s top enlisted leader. Grinston, who has been at FORSCOM since 2017, is slated to become the 16th sergeant major of the Army on Aug. 16.


Bonuses May Be Paid to Join Space Force

Photo by ESA/NASA

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the proposed U.S. Space Force would have 28,300 to 30,700 positions, with about 23,000 of the military and civilian personnel transferred from the existing military services to the new branch of the armed forces. Transfers from the Army to the Space Force might include bonuses averaging $10,000. The Defense Department could just order transfers as part of the regular assignment process, ?but the department is likely to offer bonuses first to encourage people to move voluntarily, much as it does to encourage people to stay in the military,? a CBO report says Read more.

Tour Length Policy Revision

Army Regulation 614-30: Overseas Service

Effective June 1, the policy on the tour length for single Soldiers has been revised. The tour lengths to locations in Europe and Japan, for Soldiers who are single with no dependents, will increase from 24 to 36 months. Read more.

Health and Fitness
10 reasons why walking daily is good for your health  

No. 9, Walking relieves back pain

Unfortunately, back pain is a common issue and can occur due to many different factors, including a sedentary lifestyle. Surprisingly, many people might even experience this type of pain while working out at the gym, particularly during high-impact exercises. If you can relate, you can start walking on a daily basis as this simple exercise can help relieve this type of pain. Walking will also improve blood circulation within the spinal structure, boost flexibility, which is important for spine health, and improve posture.


Maggie had been employed at the Daily Journal newspaper office for over 50 years, serving as the boss?s secretary. Everyone in the office building was jealous of her. Every day when Maggie showed up for work, she would open the drawer to her left, peek inside, then lock it. When she died, her co-worker Sally was curious to know what was hidden inside that locked drawer. After days of searching, Sally finally found the key. Giddy with excitement, she slowly opened the drawer. Inside she found a folded piece of paper. Slowly she reached inside and took it out while cautiously looking over her shoulder. After a few seconds of trepidation, she unfolded the paper quickly. The note said: ?Put only one spoonful of sugar in the boss?s coffee.?

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