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Thursday, 18 October, 2018
From the SMA’s Leader Book

I could summarize my role and responsibilities as being there to take care of Soldiers and their families, to keep people informed, and explaining to groups, inside and outside of the Army, what was happening with their Soldiers of the United States Army.
?SMA Jack L. Tilley, USA Ret.

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Professional Development

Purpose of zeroing a weapon

The purpose of zeroing is to achieve the desired relationship between the line of sight and the trajectory of the round at a known distance. It ensures that the Soldier, weapon, aiming device and ammunition are performing as expected at a specific range to target with the least amount of induced errors.

FY19 MSG Promotion Board for RA/USAR/AGR

MILPER Message No. 18-323

Fiscal Year 2019 Regular Army, U.S. Army Reserve, Active Guard Reserve MSG promotion board announcement.. Click here for MILPER 18-323

US Army Forces Command

Lt. Gen. Laura J. Richardson

For the first time in U.S. Army Forces Command history, a woman will be leading the largest command in the Army, representing 776,000 soldiers and 96,000 civilians. GEN Robert B. “Abe” Abrams, FORSCOM?S current commander, is leaving to become commander of U.S. Forces Korea. He will relinquish command to LTG Laura J. Richardson, who will then become the first female Army officer to officially hold that position. Richardson, an aviator, has had other firsts: In 2012, she became the first female deputy commanding general of the 1st Cavalry Division, known as “America’s First Team,? and in 2017, she became second in command to Abrams when she was named the first female deputy commanding general of FORSCOM at Fort Bragg, NC.

Social Media Awareness

Facebook says Russian firms ?scraped? data

Facebook announced it removed 66 accounts, pages and apps linked to Russian firms that build facial recognition software for the Russian government. Read the full story here. 

Health and Fitness

Secret No. 43 of 43 weekly secrets for great health

Resistance training: We lose an average of 5 percent of our muscle mass every 10 years after age 35. University of Alabama researchers found that female dieters who lifted weights three times a week lost the same amount of weight as a comparison group who did cardio three times a week. However, those who lifted weights lost fat, while those who did aerobics lost muscle. Studies have confirmed that lifting weights is better than cardio in loosing abdominal fat that is associated with a host of diseases, including cancer and diabetes. A 15-minute high-intensity session with kettlebells every other day will keep you toned and fit. Resistance training using resistance bands and medicine balls can also be incorporated into your workout. Muscle mass can be maintained through resistance training well into the later years of life.


From a postwar debriefing of a German general:

?The reason the American Army does so well in wartime is that war is chaos, and the American Army practices it on a daily basis.?

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