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Monday, March 16, 2020



AUSA’s Five Things: A Weekly Tip Sheet for AUSA Members



1  Revised

U.S. troops and equipment have been moving overseas to take part in Defender-Europe 2020, the series of exercises involving more than 37,000 people, including 20,000 U.S.-based

What to Watch: Exercises are to begin in April, but the U.S. European Command has announced it is scaling back on soldiers deploying from the U.S. “The health protection of our force, and that of our allies
and partners, is a top concern,” the command said. “As we work through the arrangements with our allies and partners, we’ll provide additional updates.”







2  Georgia

Fort Gordon, Georgia, home of the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, will have about $1.6 billion in construction
over the next eight or nine years as it experiences “amazing growth,” Maj. Gen. Neil Hersey, commanding general, told the Aiken Rotary Club. This includes a new cyber school and new signal school.

What to Watch: The U.S. Army Cyber Command is scheduled to move in June from Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to Fort Gordon, in what Hersey says will have a big impact on the local economy.




3  Academic

Army leaders believe talented college and graduate school students would be interested in artificial intelligence-related
work if they had more exposure to the military and if the military offered competitive salaries and cuts red tape in hiring.

What to Watch: Direct hiring is an option for getting both new officers and recent college graduates, and finding
a way to shift talented enlisted soldiers into Department of Army civilians. The Army is looking at how direct hiring could be expanded.







4  Five
R’s of Army Medicine

“My vision for Army Medicine is to ensure that we remain ready, reformed, reorganized, responsive and relevant in this
era of unprecedented global complexity, change and uncertainty, whether in support of multidomain operations, large-scale combat operations or pandemic emergencies,” said Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. R. Scott Dingle.

What to Watch: Part of this effort involves transferring treatment facilities to the Defense Health Service. “We cannot fail at this. We have to get it right,” Dingle said.




5  Recapitalize


Some privatized Army housing is in such poor condition that it is not worth fixing, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told a House committee.
“Some of these homes just have to be taken down,” he said of housing needing extensive repair.

What to Watch: The Army is “looking at potential options,” including the potential for external financing. “It would require north of $10 billon to essentially recapitalize homes across the entire Army,”
McCarthy said.




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