The U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO)

TSO JPG GRAPHIC 2 (010813)The U.S. A rmy Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO)
off ice is the primary conduit for employers, and industry,
to access the “Army Talent Pipeline.” Our staff of
strategically-f ocused professionals serves as the
Army’s preferred point-of -contact for Businesses and
Hiring Managers – thereby facilitating the connection
between transitioning Soldiers and potential job
opportunities. We help Employers “navigate” the
Army’s reintegration network by developing lasting
Industry relationships. This targeted effort then builds
the foundation for numerous long-term, value-added
synergies between the business community and the
The Army provides Employers with a labor pool rich in resources. Our Soldiers offer today’s most sought
af ter talents and skill-sets: proven leadership, dedicated discipline, and a strong work ethic. Soldiers are
uniquely equipped to adapt to any situation in today’s f ast -paced, high-stress working envi ronment. They
are innovative, diverse, motivated, tech-savvy, and eager to take personal initiative. Soldiers are ready to
solve tough problems while thinking independently. They embrace collaboration, adaptabi lity, integrit y,
and a culture of continuous learning. Soldiers display the ultimate in corporate citizenship and are truly
dynamic members of a team.
Employers have found that Army-specif ic occupational specialties actually do translate to the core
competencies needed in the civilian sector. As members of the workforce, transitioning Soldiers provide
maximum shareholder value to companies and organizations worldwide.
Many Employers are also eligible f or tax credits by hiring transitioning Soldiers as well as disabled
Veterans who may be out of work. As a resul t of new federal legislation, the Government offers
substantial tax benef its when hiring Soldiers and those disabled Veterans recently unemployed. In
addition, there are hundreds of State and National grants available to businesses seeking to target
Veterans for employment opportunities.
A key facilitative tool, and a tremendous resource f or Employers, is “Hero 2 Hired” ( This web
site provides hiring managers with direct access to qualif ied candidates who already have background
checks and security clearances. Proven analysis has shown that Employers initially struggle to match job
requirements, and industry standards, with Army MOS skills and training equivalents. Simi larly, many
Veterans do not understand civilian job-skill terminology and titles. H2H leverages a unique military-to
civilian skill-translation technology that matches the talents of Soldiers to civilian jobs. The result is a f ast,
accurate match to jobs. Employers interested in promoting their company and posting job opportunities for
transitioning Soldiers are encouraged to click here.

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To contact the TSO Office, please dial 703-695-5418.
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